Is Fes a safe city?

Security in Fes (Fez)

When it is dark, security inside the medinas of Fes el Bali and Fes el Jdid is non-existent and few residents leave their homes.

Although being the fourth most visited city in Morocco (the second if we focus on leisure tourism, Fes (Fez) is not as safe as Marrakech.

This means that, from 6 pm in winter and 8 pm in summer, most of the streets in the medina are deserted and the people you may meet may not really like you.

The newer part of Fes (Fez) is less problematic in this respect. On Hassan II and Mohammed V avenues and the most important streets, it is possible to see people walking late at night, especially when the weather is fine.



The precautions to be taken to avoid undesirable situations in Fes (Fez) are the same as in any city in the world:

  • Don’t wander around in unfrequented places at night.
  • Avoid dark areas.
  • Do not display jewelry or valuables.


In summary

To sum up, in the new city and in the most lively districts of Fes el Bali (next to the Bab Boujloud gate), you will have no trouble finding restaurants and a pleasant atmosphere until late at night.

If it is late and there are few people in the street, restaurants often have staff who accompany guests to their riads.

All the advice we give you is from the most cautious and conservative point of view. Indeed, many people have ventured into the medina at night and have not had the slightest problem.

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