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The Do’s and Don’ts when traveling in Morocco

DO and DON'Ts in Morocco. What should you not/do in Morocco?

As in any country where the culture is different, it is necessary to adapt to local customs and habits if one wants to act as a responsible tourist and discover the culture of the country visited. The success of your trip depends on your integration within the population but it is also about the image you will give of your country.

Almost all Moroccans are very welcoming. It is in their nature and their culture. If you show respect for their culture, they will certainly have warm reactions that will amaze you. So, here are a few tips of do’s and don’ts to make your trip the best it can be.


What you should do in Morocco

Respect Moroccan culture and religion

In Morocco and in like any other country, tourists should respect local customs. If you go to Morocco during the period of Ramadan for instance, be careful not to consume alcohol in public. It is also recommended not to drink, eat and smoke in public, or at least with discretion,  especially in less touristy areas. Also, another thing to keep in mind, is that if you see near the entrance of a place shoes, be sure to take yours off.

Negotiate prices

In Morocco, everyone negotiates, because negotiation is part of the Moroccan culture. You should know, for your information, that the fact of being a foreigner makes prices rise considerably and automatically, which is why in souks, prices are rarely displayed, they will vary according to the time of day (yes yes!!!), how the customer looks like, and even sometimes depending on the seller’s mood… So that’s why, as a foreigner, you should learn how to negotiate in Morocco.

Try learning basic Arabic words

Even if it is not necessary to know Arabic to be able to make you understand, as a tourist, you will always get nicer feedbacks when they’ll see that you are making an effort to speak their language.

Explore and enjoy the country’s vibe

Take the time to enjoys every aspect of Morocco, its diverse cities and spirit to enjoys the most of its beautiful and magical vibe.

Be nice and social

Moroccan people are very social and are even considered to be one of the most welcoming and hospitable countries in the world, compared to other countries, where intimacy is key. It is, therefore, preferable to keep in mind to be more opened and social that you probably are. But don’t worry, like many other tourists that came to Morocco before you, this will be done without thinking, marveling at the Moroccan’s kindness.


What you shouldn’t do in Morocco

Do not eat, hand or grab things with your left hand

As a foreigner, if you are sharing a meal with Moroccans, it is recommended that you use your right hand to pass dishes, to grab something or to take food. The left hand is considered unclean and is often prohibited when touching food or shaking hands. So remember to use your right hand with Moroccans.

Avoid criticizing these 3 topics in Morocco

It is recommended to avoid topics of conversation about the king and religion. But you should definitely avoid talking against these 3 topics in Morocco: the king, the country and the religion.

Avoid public displays of love

Calm your impulses in public places. Gestures of affection that are too obvious are to be avoided because Moroccans are very modest. Avoid public displays of love. Do not kiss in public in Morocco. Wait until you’re in your hotel room to kiss each other.

On the other hand, for your information, don’t be offended if you are a man and a Moroccan takes your hand. It is only a sign of friendship. Many men hold hands, which is unambiguous in Morocco.

Do not refuse the invitation to tea

Moroccans are welcoming and will often invite you to drink the famous and delicious Moroccan mint tea. You shouldn’t refuse an invitation to Moroccan tea. Moroccans are always very welcoming and it can be rude to refuse this opportunity to get to know them more and make friends.

Do not enter into any mosque

Not everyone knows this but not every mosque can be visited by tourists unless they are Muslims and they come to pray. However, there is a mosque that is allowed to tourists, like the famous Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. So be sure to get informed before getting into a mosque that you would like to visit.

Do not take any Moroccan’s picture without taking their permission first

Many Moroccans will be thrilled to be photographed, but not all Moroccans, especially women, will be happy to be photographed without their consent. It is, therefore, better to ask before you want to take a picture of someone so as to not have any unpleasant surprises.

Do not dress inappropriately in public

When it comes to a dressing code in Morocco, you are free and can dress as you wish. You just need to remember that you are in a Muslim country and that women are modest and only reveal their beauty for their husbands.

It is advised to avoid necklines, shorts, tank tops, and mini skirts. Do as you feel, Moroccans are used to tourists but you’ll be more comfortable if you dress more properly.

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