What is a Moroccan couscous?

Couscous is a Maghreb dish of Berber origin that is served as a family meal. It is one of the most famous dishes in Morocco which has helped to make Morocco rank as 2nd best cuisine in the world. “Couscous” also refers to the mix of semolina with which couscous is made. The preparation and sharing of couscous on Friday afternoon, the day of rest and prayer, is a tradition well established in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is well known. Friday, it’s couscous time!

In Morocco, there are 7 different types of couscous, 5 of which are salty: chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, fish. Moroccan couscous with 7 Vegetables is very popular in Morocco. Consisting of tomato, carrot, turnip, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, and cabbage. There are also endless variations depending on the regions of Morocco and the cook itself. And in particular, by the fact that vegetables vary from one season to another. In winter, for instance, squash, carrots, and turnips are preferred; in summer, celery, aubergines or beans.

There are also two kinds of couscous that are sweet, one is made like Seffa (another Moroccan dish), it’s a couscous mixed with honey, milk, and orange or rose water. And there is couscous Tfaya, which is couscous with a sweet-salty mixture of caramelized onions and often sprinkled with toasted almonds.

This dish is also very much related to religion: in addition to the tradition of family reunions on Fridays after prayer, couscous is generally served during festivities and weddings.

A person can find different types of couscous in the world. Each prepares it in their own way. Like the couscous called ”Royal”. It is made with merguez, brochettes, chicken, and meatballs. It’s a dish that is typically French because traditionally, the meats do not mix together in a single dish. However, we won’t start criticizing anyone’s couscous, but it’s obvious and no one can contradict the fact that the best, most delicious and most known couscous is found in Morocco.

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